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The blog
  • Todas verdades absolutas desaparecen con el tiempo. Absolutamente.
    Lo absoluto caduca y luego desaparece, aunque desaparece manchando.
    A mí las manchas se me acumulan en forma de anotaciones sepultadas en el teléfono.

  • Entrar en el agua es poner en marcha un panel de mandos infrautilizados a diario por muchos de nosotros. Nosotros, los de las oficinas, los de los ordenadores, los de las contracturas y los estiramientos sin soltar el bolígrafo. Entrar en el agua te obliga a conectar los sensores de cada un o de tus […]

  • “It was on the train, with its steely rhythms, its rattle-ty bang that is often so stimulating to a composer.‚.‚.‚. I frequently hear music in the very heart of noise. And then I suddenly heard—and even saw on paper—the complete construction of the rhapsody from beginning to end.” Source: George Gershwin: He Got Rhythm

  • Más del 66% de la población adulta está conectada a una o más redes sociales. El uso de estas plataformas y herramientas ha aumentado de manera constante durante los últimos 10 años. Esto es sólo un ejercicio infográfico.

Everything is based in 3 things

Could you draw the internet for me and place yourself in it?

How do we envision such a daily and intangible tool? Where do we see ourselves in the huge and fuzzy space of the Internet? Service in its purest state, the Internet generates a wide range of images and interpretations. If we ever meet I might ask you for yours.


I've learn to tolerate it because they are an entry point. Tools make people feel safe. Tools help people to structre their thinking. Tools can homogenize processes, everybody doing things the same way. But tools are reductionist, a learning placebo you should be ready to leave behind as soon as possible.


Who is writing this and why do you do so?

I use to think I'm taller than I really am and that my memory is far better than it really is. Desappointing as it may look, I write and collect notes and thoughts here just to keep a track of my walkabouts. Also, to have a more realistic reference for my not-that-great memory while I keep on thinking I'm super tall.