Sensors, augmented reality and curious people have manage to bring new airs to games.

Playing from your coach is only one of the options we have today. Some years ago, Broken City Lab, an artist-led interdisciplinary collective from Canada, set up an Algorithmic Walk. People were given instructions to discover the city. For me it was love at first sight.

One year ago, Zombie Run emerged from Kickstarted. With a great claim (get fit. scape zombies. become a hero) they created a thrilling and fun reason to leave your coach behind. I’ve been seriously considering get on my trainers and start moving since then.

Finally, at the end of 2012, google announced Ingress, an augmented reality game where users have to take back control of the occupied territoire. Sci-fi and city exploration, another win for me.

However, Google new idea doesn’t look as a simple reason to get up and walk but as an “inventive and mutually-beneficial way to convince large numbers of people to voluntarily build those datasets”, those datasets that they can’t build with google car (see original comment on reddit)

Well, it makes sense. Data business and games it’s a combination we’ll probably see more and more. Health and wellness is one of the industries this combination is growing faster. Sensors, smart materials, apps and internet access have created the perfect scenario for many of the ideas presented at the last edition of CES

Game helps with motivation but this is just the beginning. Future will tell us if this game hype is only the sweet coating to make us swallow the product or there is something else behind.



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