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Presented at UPA 2007 as an usability evaluation tool in the field of user experience (see poster pdf), I wonder if this approach could be applied to service design projects to evaluate user’s emotions when interacting with specific touchpoint.

Following the words of their creators, Eva de Lera and Muriel Garreta-Domingo, the ten emotion heuristics are:

Ten guidelines for efficiently, easily and cost-effectively assessing the users’ affective state, by evaluating their expressive reactions during an interface evaluation process. The evaluation of this dimension complements the analysis  of  the objective and quantitative data gathered  through usability tests and the subjective feedback provided through post-test  questionnaires.

It makes me think of “Lie to me” tv show…

More references:

How Do Users Really Feel About Your Design?
Interview at UXmatters

Ten Emotion Heuristics: Guidelines for assessing the user’s affective dimension easily and cost-effectively
Paper pdf with more detailed information about the tool

One Response to “Ten Emotion Heuristics: Evaluating the affective dimension”

  1. Sí y no, esto hay q tomarlo un poco con pinzas… las expresiones faciales hay que percibirlas en todo su conjunto, no por partes (ojos, boca). Principalmente porque las distintas emociones son combinaciones de las dos partes y porque a veces son contradictorias la una con la otra. Pero bueno, de modo más soft y, espciealmente, combinada con otras, sí puede ser una información útil y valiosa.


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